GuliKit    Universal Controller Charging Dock

Universal Controller Charging Dock

Support to charge two controllers simultaneously .

Support to charge different types of controllers.

Support any-way insertion to charge .

Support charging to PS5 controller,PS4 controller, XBOX-ONE controller,Switch Pro controller and GuliKit King Kong controllers 

Built-in multiprotection against short circuit caused by keys or other metal parts.

Can I place controller on it for a long time? Will there be over-charging issue?
No problem to charge for a long time and no over charging issue. Controller has advanced chip for power management and will automatically stop charging once battery is fully charged. This charging is same as charging with cable connection.

Will there be any danger when using different fast charging adapters?
No.All charging with different power adapters will be well controlled with our charging dock. Multiprotections against over-voltage,over-current and short circuit are provided to fully protect your controllers.

Will there be any problems when using charger adapter with small current output?
There might be no charging to controller for such case because of current protection by our charging dock. So when you charge two controllers at the same time, it is recommended to use a charging adapter with output 5V/2A or above.

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