GuliKit    GuliKit Kingkong Pro Controller

GuliKit Kingkong Pro Controller

Universal and Premium

Smart Auto Pilot Gaming

Advanced Motion Sense(AMS)

Advanced Turbo Mode(ATM)

Fully Customizable

Fast Response and Easy Wireless/Wired Connection

Other Powerful Features

Easy Settings and Upgradeable


Color: Black

Model:Smart Kingkong Pro Controller NS09

Platforms: Nintendo Switch,Windows X-input, Windows D-input, Android

Connection: Bluetooth / USB-C cable

Transmission distance: 10 meters

Frequency range: 2.402GHZ - 2.480GHZ

Built-in Li-ion Polymer Battery: 900mAh

Battery life: About 14 hours

Recharging time: About 2.5 hours

Input port: USB-C

Input voltage: 5V

Product weight: 214g

Weight with package: 523g

Package size: 200mm*170mm*80mm

Product list: Controller, Controller carry case,USB-C cable,Manual


Questions & Answers:


What is Auto Pilot Gaming? How to set it up?

Auto Pilot Gaming is the exclusive technology on GuliKit Smart Kingkong and Kingkong Pro controllers that allow to record all the gaming operations you want and then auto run these operation by the controller itself with hands free. This is pretty helpful for any time consuming repeated actions like collecting game props,weapons,currency... etc in gaming as well as quick actions. This is much more advanced than normal Macros on other controllers. You may create lots of gaming fun from it.


Press the Set button 3 seconds with a vibration to start,the controller will then record all your operations before the Set button is pressed again to stop or auto stop with a long vibration when time runs up to its limit.

Next the controller starts Auto Pilot gaming once for what it has recorded by clicking the Set button once. Double clicks on the Set button will let it run Auto Pilot gaming for what it has recorded continuously.Any button press except the thumbsticks will stop Auto Pilot gaming.


What is AMS technology? what is the difference from other controllers on motion sense? How to set up with 4 levels?

AMS is Advanced Motion Sense which is the exclusive technology on GuliKit Smart Kingkong Pro controller only. It provides motion sense not only to motion sensing video games, such as the Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,but also to those games with no original motion sense,especially FPS games on Windows for fast aiming. 

Normally PC games on Windows do not have motion sense and you have to use thumbsticks,but now you can enjoy motion sense on these games with Smart Kingkong Pro controller,while other controllers do not support this.

Press Set button + L or ZL button to 4 levels Advanced Motion Sense setup. One vibration for low level motion sense,two vibrations for medium level,three vibrations for high level,once long vibration for motion sense cancel.


Do I have to set AMS (Advanced Motion Sense) on  Switch?

No. No need to set AMS (Advanced Motion Sense) function on Smart KingKong Pro controller when you play on Switch,but use this controller directly to play motion sensing video games like Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe..etc. AMS (Advanced Motion Sense) is for FPS games on Windows for fast aiming with motion sense, and you need to set it when you use this controller on PC Windows.


What is ATM technology? what is the difference from Turbo on other controllers?  How to set up with 2 levels?

ATM is Advanced Turbo Mode which is the exclusive technology for setups on A,B,X,Y,R,ZR buttons for both semi-auto and auto rapid fire.

Turbo on other controllers only support semi-auto rapid fire for which you need to hold the button for fire,while Advanced Turbo Mode also support auto rapid fire which doesn't ask to hold the button but fire continuously.

Press Set button +A/B/X/Y/R/ZR button for ATM setup. One vibration for semi-auto rapid fire,two vibrations for auto rapid fire. One long vibrations for Turbo cancel.


What are the differences between Smart Kingkong controller and Kingkong Pro controller?

1.Sensitivity setups on thumbsticks and analog triggers only available on Smart Kingkong Pro controller.

2.Advanced Motion Sense only available on Smart Kingkong Pro controller,while Kingkong controller only has common montion sense.

3. Auto Pilot allows Max.10minutes recording on Kingkong Pro controller,while it is only Max.10seconds on Kingkong controller.


How to turn on and off the controller?

Click once the mode button to turn on the controller with the mode LED on. Double click the mode button to turn off the controller.


What is auto sleep and quick wake?

The controller will go into sleep mode if no operation in 10 minutes. Pressing on any button of ABXY or the mode button will wake it up quickly.


Why does my controller have unnormal response in gaming while I just get it very new?

Some controllers from first batch production probably have small issues in gaming due to the settings made by workers on testing lines. Pls try to restore its original settings by pressing the Setting button in the middle and “-” button at the same time.


Why I cannot get my controller paired with Switch?

Due to Bluetooth signal interferences around, some players may have issue of pairing the controller with Switch wirelessly. Pls follow the steps below to get paired quickly by using the USB A to USB C cable.

  1. Place Switch to Switch dock and set Switch to pairing mode.

  2. Connect the controller to Switch dock by using the USB A to USB C cable.

  3. Switch will get paired with the controller quickly after seconds.

  4. Unplug the cable, and Switch is still paired wirelessly with the controller.

Note: Controller can be also used with the cable plugged as a wired controller.


What does it mean when the mode LED is blinking?

It indicates low battery when the mode LED is blinking and the controller needs recharging.


How to know if the controller battery is recharged full?

The mode LED is yellow on when the controller is under recharging. The LED is off when the controller battery is recharged full.


How  should I do if I can not figure out what settings I have made on the controller? 

You may clear all previous settings and make new settings you want by pressing Set button and "-" button on controller.


Is there a way to restart the controller if the controller doesn't give any response in gaming while it still has power?

You may activate a forced restart by holding the mode button 10--30 seconds.


How should I do when my joystick cannot return to the center?

Pls upgrade your controller with firmware V2.1 from our website. After that when your controller is power on, any time if you press the 4 buttons of "L,R,Left of D-pad,A" at the same time,  your controller will auto start joystick calibration with a vibration to end.
Pls don't move joysticks during the calibration process.


How should I do if ZR, ZL buttons don't work well in gaming?

Double click the mode button to close the controller and then click once to open it.  The controller will start a new calibration for ZR,ZL buttons automatically to solve this.


What is DINPUT? When should I use DINPUT mode?

DINPUT is the old connection protocol on Windows and it is recommended to play retro games on Windows or simulator. Mostly it is XINPUT mode for new games on Windows now.


Do I have to install drive software for my PC to use this controller?

No need to install drive software in your PC if your PC is Window 8 or above. But if your PC is below Window 8, a drive software installation is needed and you may go to to get it.


Why my Autopilot Gaming starts with no moving of seconds?

A: This might be caused by the joystick's issue. You may upgrade your controller to firmware V2.1 and calibrate it by pressing 4 buttons of "L,R,Left of D-pad,A" at the same time.
After you set your controller into recording mode,the controller will not record until you start any inputs.



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