GuliKit    TMR Electromagnetic Joystick

TMR Electromagnetic Joystick

Direct Replacement Installation, Without Requiring Any Circuit Modifications.

Low Power Feature Same As Carbon Film Joystick.

Unique Structural Design Prevents Interference From Magnetic Triggers On The Joystick.

High Durability and Long Life by Contactless and Wear-Free TMR Sensor.

KK Ring Joystick Cap For Easy Stick Cap Replacement.

Super Smooth.

* The kit is only for repair use on game controllers.


Additionally, some questions below are addressed:


Why do the replacement joysticks for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's original controllers need to use TMR electromagnetic joysticks rather than Hall electromagnetic joysticks?

The original design of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo game controllers uses traditional resistive film joystick technology with a constant power supply design, with a power capacity limited to about 1mA. The power consumption of single TMR sensor is between 0.1mA and 0.3mA, while single linear Hall sensor consume 0.5mA to 2mA. This makes linear Hall sensors can not work very well, while the TMR electromagnetic joystick have lower power consumption and perform much better, and TMR electromagnetic joystick can be installed as a perfect 1:1 replacement without any other circuit modifications.

Is the resolution of the TMR joystick much higher than Hall effect joysticks?
No, that's not the case. Carbon film joysticks, TMR joysticks, and Hall effect joysticks are all linear devices. TMR joysticks and Hall effect joysticks are both a type of electromagnetic joystick. For game controllers, the bandwidth of these three types of joystick sensors is sufficient. The resolution mainly depends on the sampling precision of the backend MCU, and is not closely related to the joystick itself. So after replacement, the joystick resolution, polling rate, and other performance characteristics will be consistent with the original controllers.

Is the power consumption of the TMR electromagnetic joystick much lower than the Hall electromagnetic joystick?
If only considering the sensors, the TMR sensor does have lower power consumption. However, if the original game controller design already uses Hall electromagnetic joysticks, such as GuliKit's KK2 and KK3 controllers, good technical methods can be used in the controller design process to control the power consumption of the Hall electromagnetic joystick to 0.1-0.3mA,which makes no big difference on the controller battery life.


After replacing the joysticks, run joystick calibration as the ways below(Before calibration and testing, please install the controller cases and screws.):


For Switch Pro controllers, after replacing the joysticks, you can go to the Switch console's Settings -> Controllers and Sensors -> Calibrate Joysticks, and follow the instructions to calibrate the joysticks.


For PS4 DualShock and PS5 DualSense controllers, after replacing the joysticks, you can use the third-party open-source calibration tool at  to calibrate the joysticks.


For Xbox Series controllers, after replacing the joysticks, you can go to the XBOX console or download the "XBOX Accessories" software from the Microsoft Store on PC, then find the "Recalibrate" option and follow the instructions to calibrate the joysticks.



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