GuliKit KK3 MAX NS39 V3.5 Firmware -2024.2.27

GuliKit KK3 MAX NS39 V3.5 Firmware:


1. Fixed the issue of no vibration in wired connection to PC with the controller on Switch mode.





* Starting from firmware V3.2, Add 3 kinds of joystick star ring lighting effects. Setting is still made with the "Set button + D-pad left button". Star ring lighting modes are: Default steady on, Joystick-activated flowing lighting, Vibration -activated lighting, Trigger -activated flowing lighting, Off.



Upgrade Method:


1.With the controller powered off, connect it to the computer using the provided USB cable.

2.Press and hold the APG button(double-square icon button) on the controller, then press A button to power it on. A "GuliKit" USB drive will appear on the computer.

3.After extracting the downloaded upgrade firmware file, copy the corresponding "***.bin" file to the root directory of the USB drive. 


After a few seconds, the upgrade will be completed, and the controller will automatically power off. 
The USB drive will disappear from the computer, indicating that the upgrade is finished.


Note: The controller will automatically power off after the upgrade is completed. Do not unplug the USB cable before that.
If you do not need to upgrade, you can long-press the Mode button to turn off the controller and then press the Mode button again to power it on to exit the upgrade mode and resume normal operation.
After the upgrade is completed, it is recommended to calibrate the joysticks on the controller. With the controller powered on, simultaneously press and hold the "L, R, D-pad Left, and A" buttons for 6 seconds.
Then fully move the left and right joysticks in complete circles for several times. The controller will vibrate once to indicate that calibration is complete.

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