The story behind GuliKit Hall Sensing Joystick for Joy Con

    Back in 2020 the project to design a hall sensing joystick for Joy Con was started with the hope of solving notorious stick drift. We believed a new joystick with new structure and new technologies could help us stand out and go further, thus we didn't copy the original joystick,but started the design work from scratch. The journey was not smooth at all but full of bitterness, frustration and failures. During the three years’ tough process, three major design changes were made on its structure and circuit which were completely discarded and started for new over and over again, 6 sets of production molds were scrapped, and let alone countless small changes were done through many days and nights. In the middle its design work had to be pended and ran aground because of the big problem on Joy con's low power supply, and we shifted to start the work to design the bigger regular Hall sensing electromagnetic joystick which is first achieved successfully and now equipped on GuliKit controllers such as King Kong 2 Pro and many others. With the successful completion of this regular joystick, we had accumulated lots of experience, and proceeded to study the low power problem on Joy Con joystick. Finally we have broke through a number of technical difficulties, and successfully finished our patented low-power Hall sensing mini joystick which is the world's exclusive and best technology so far.

    For better quality and more stable supply,fully automatic joystick production lines are made and installed in our own manufacturing site. Due to the different structures and mechanism on GuliKit joysticks, all production facilities and line are custom-made.

    At present, all GuliKit joysticks are 100% independently designed, patents granted and in-house manufactured without any OEM manufacturing and sale by third parties. Any companies or manufacturers who are interested in GuliKit hall electromagnetic joystick are welcome to contact us, and we are happy to provide our premium hall sensing joystick component and technical solution. Please respect our full intellectual property rights, and no any infringement is allowed.    

    GuliKit insists on independent innovation,strives to make more excellent gaming products with more creative designs,higher quality and better use experience for players.

GuliKit  Enjoy Gaming Easier! 

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