Kingkong2 / Kingkong2 Pro / Zen Pro CPU1 V1.16

Only for new KingKong2 / Kingkong2 Pro / Zen Pro controllers, old KingKong controllers have no need to update.




Upgrading method:

1. Turn off the controller,use the USB A to USB C cable to connect the controller and your computer.Press Set button in the middle and A button together to turn it into updating mode.

2. Go to computer and click "Update Firmware" and confirm to complete updating.


Note: In case you need to stop updating work,double click the Mode button to turn off the controller to quit updating mode.


GuliKit KingKong2 NS08 NS09 CPU1 update V1.16


1. Fix the issue that controller is not recognized well by Steam on PC under Switch mode with wireless connection.



Note: Be sure to upgrade your controller with firmware V3.6 or above for another chipset at the same time. download


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