KingKong Controller NS08 NS09 V3.0 Firmware

GuliKit KingKong Controller NS08 NS09 V3.0 Firmware


1. Fix the bug that in Professional Player Mode in Firmware V2.9, setings can not be saved once controller is closed.





Upgrade Instructions:


1.Turn off the controller,use the USB A to USB C cable to connect the controller and your computer.


2.Hold the APG button and then press A button,a U disk with name of GuliKit will show up in seconds.


3.Download the firmware package and unzip it, copy the corresponding" xxx.bin " file to the U disk, upgrading will be finished automatically  in seconds, the controller will have auto power off and U disk will disappear after upgrading completion.


Note: The controller will auto power off once updating is completed. Don't unplug the USB cable during updating process.
          In case you need to stop updating work,double click the Mode button to turn off the controller to quit updating mode.

          After updating completion,  it is needed to make quick calibration on controller sticks by pressing L, R buttons, Left of D-pad and A buttons together with a vibration indication.


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