Frequently-Asked Questions and Answers regarding GuliKit Controllers

What does it mean when the mode led is flashing?
Flashing mode led means low battery power. Please recharge it.


How to wake up Switch by King Kong 2 controller?
After pairing the controller with Switch, you can easily wake up Switch console from sleep mode by pressing the HOME button on King Kong 2. You may do the same way when Switch is on dock.

How should I do when the buttons setting is messed up?
You can reset the controller by pressing the Gear and "-" buttons at the same time.
Also you can reset it by turning it off and on again.

Why a pin code is needed for pairing on PC?
Normally no pin is needed for pairing. Please check from Control panel > Hardware and Sound > Add a device, then select the controller, enter without typing anything.

How can I store my settings to avoid repeated setting each time when I use the controller?
You may upgrade it with the lastest firmware to have Professional Player Mode.When controller is powered on, press the Gear Set and Mode buttons to turn it into Professional Player Mode with a short vibration, then customized settings that you make will be saved for long time.
You may return to regular mode by pressing the Gear Set and Mode buttons again with a long vibration indication. Controller is restored to factory settings and have customized settings deleted in regular mode each time when the controller is turned on again.


Is the Auto-Pilot Gaming (APG) function same as macro function?
There are lots of differences between Auto-Pilot Gaming (APG) function on our controllers and regular macro function on other controllers.
1. APG function can record any settings on all buttons and sticks, while regular macro can not. 
2. APG function can set any time parameters,while macro can only work with fixed time interval.
3. APG function can record 100 sets of data per second, including all data from the stick setting,while macro function can only record a dozen data in a fixed order.
4. APG function records precisely any inputs,while macro just records input with key-by-key order.
5. APG function has a recording space (NS09) for 60,000 sets of data over a 10-minute period,while macro can record only fixed key order in a few seconds.

What games does motion aiming assist function support on PC ?
FPS games on PC which are operated with ZL/ZR for aiming,right stick for viewing are supported to use motion aiming assist function with our controllers,for instance, PC games like Gears 5,  BIOHAZARD RE:2, BIOHAZARD RE:3...etc.
No extra drive is needed and you may set to use motion aiming assist function for such FPS games on your computers.


Can I control the sticks when APG mode is running?
You can have this function when your controller is upgraded to the lastest firmware.  Stick control is at first priority in APG mode,which means you can still control the sticks, and controller only auto runs other actions in APG mode.

The controller has power,but no any response on any buttons?
You can restart it by double clicks on mode button to turn it off and click again to turn it on. 
If you can not turn it off by double clicks on mode button, please press the button by a small pin or a toothpick inside the hole on the back side, your controller will be restarted.

Why the sticks have drifting or can not return to centers when I test on Switch setting?

How to fix when ZR,ZL are not working well?
Calibration is needed when King Kong controllers are upgraded to firmware V2.6. Just press the four buttons of L,R,left of D-pad and A at the same time to quickly calibrate the sticks ZR,ZL with a vibration to solve this issue.
No updating is needed on Elves controllers, but just do same way to calibrate the sticks to solve the issue.
Note: Please do not touch the sticks ZR,ZL during calibration.

Why there is mismatching when APG runs?
Signal loss during Bluetooth tranmission may cause mismatching issue during APG mode. If you meet this issue, you may try to fix this by running some more at a blocking area during recording step.
For instance, in the game Mario U, let Mario run one second more at a blocking area.

There is a short time without any actions when APG mode is started. How to fix this?
Normally there is no such issue because 3 seconds pressing on APG button just turns the controller into recording standby. Recording is started only when a button or a stick is pressed.
This issue might be caused by drifting on sticks. You may solve this by sticks calibration after you update it to V2.1.


How to test sticks and buttons of the controller?
For Switch, please go to console Setting-Controller and Sensors-Check input setting,calibrate stick- test sticks and buttons.
For PC, you may download XINPUT test software from our site to test sticks,buttons and vibration. Download

For Android,you may download gamepad test APP from our site to test sticks,buttons and vibration. Download

What version of iOS systems do Elves controllers support?
Elves controllers support iOS13 or above.
Elves controllers can only work with games that support original iOS games controller protocol. For example, Elves controllers support Fornite on iOS,but not PUBG on iOS.
If you want to play PUBG on Android system, you may download App for instance "Tencent Game Manager"  and set key mapping before use. Currently "Tencent Game Manager" has no iOS App.

Why there is delay for button or wrong move after pressing?
If you use on PC, you may download XINPUT test software from our site to test sticks and buttons.
If you use on Switch,you can test from console Setting-Controller and Sensors-Check input setting,calibrate stick- test sticks and buttons.

If testing works all good,this means the controller is good and transmission is all good, please you need to check game settings or internet settings. Delay or wrong move might be caused by different game settings,internet speed or reading speed in games.
Please test the buttons and sticks as above ways first to check the controller is good or not.


Note:  Many TVs have game mode, and make sure the game mode is on.
Turn off the settings on your TV for dynamic compensation and noise reduction functions which may cause bad delay. Different names such as sports compensation and frame rate compensation may be used on different TVs.


Why is there delay for Bluetooth wireless connection to computer with the controller?
1. If a Bluetooth adapter is used for connection between the computer and controller,please make sure there is no WIFI router or similar wireless devices close to the adapter to avoid signal intereferences.
2.Most Bluetooth adapters work as a simple wireless transmitter and receiver with Bluetooth driver installation requested on computer, and the driver calls the computer's CPU for computation. So delay may occur when CPU is occupied much,or there is issue with the adapter,driver itself or different driver versions.  A unique controller Bluetooth adapter will be built by us with built-in CPU computation capability. No driver is needed and such delay will be quite eliminated.


Do I need to upgrade my controller step by step from V1.2,V1.3, V2.2 or latest firmware?
No. Just upgrade with the latest firmware with one step to have complete and latest functions.


After a failed upgrading,my controller is dead with no any response, and can not be turned on too.
Our controllers have safe zone guide program for safe and repeated upgrading. For such case, please upgrade the controller again. Use the USB cable to connect the controller to PC,then hold the APG button and press or double press the mode button until a flash drive shows up, next copy firmware into flash drive to finish upgrading. 


Do I have to install drive software for my PC to use this controller?

No need to install drive software in your PC if your PC is Window 8 or above. But if your PC is below Window 8, a drive software installation is needed and you may go to to get it.


What is DINPUT? When should I use DINPUT mode?

DINPUT is the old connection protocol on Windows and it is recommended to play retro games on Windows or simulator. Mostly it is XINPUT mode for new games on Windows now.


How to connect if my computer has no Bluetooth?

Wired connection is recommended if your computer has no Bluetooth.Switch to the right mode on the controller for your computer,connect the controller and computer with the USB C to USB A cable.

USB A port on the backside of host computer is recommended if it is a desktop.


Why I cannot get my controller paired with Switch?

Due to Bluetooth signal interferences around, some players may have issue of pairing the controller with Switch wirelessly. Pls follow the steps below to get paired quickly by using the USB A to USB C cable.

  1. Place Switch to Switch dock and set Switch to pairing mode.

  2. Connect the controller to Switch dock by using the USB A to USB C cable.

  3. Switch will get paired with the controller quickly after seconds.

  4. Unplug the cable, and Switch is still paired wireless with the controller.

Note: Controller can be also used with the cable plugged as a wired controller.


What is auto sleep and quick wake?

The controller will go into sleep mode if no operation in 10 minutes. Pressing on any button of ABXY will make it wake up quickly.


How to turn on and off the controller?

Click once the mode button to turn on the controller with the mode LED on. Double click the mode button to turn off the controller with mode LED off.


How to fix the issue that King Kong 2 can not wake up Switch when it is connected to Switch?

Due to new Bluetooth drive adjusted in Switch 12.0.0 system, disconnection issue may occur between controllers and Switch console. Please check and solve the issue as following:

Go to System Setting-->Controllers and Sensors-->Disconnect controllers, then hold X to delete all pairing records of wireless controllers, next do new pairing between Switch and your controllers.


Why the controller can not get connected to my PC with a Bluetooth adapter?
Please first get your computer shut down and then open it again.Be noted that it is not restart ). Next make new connection to the controller. If it still does not work, please try to update the Bluetooth adapter driver.


How to fix the problem that an error occurs to show failure when the learning APG file is copied to write back?
When the learning APG file is copied to write back, do not change its name and keep the default file name as Auto.apg .



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