Big Upgrading! GuliKit releases Firmware V2.0 for King Kong Controller NS08 & NS09

After the newer version of King Kong Pro controller NS09, we are happy to receive lots of positive feedbacks from players. This month newer version of King Kong controller NS08 is also released with same good improvements. Now it's time to release firmware V2.0 which is already equipped inside of both newer versions of NS09 and NS08.


Players with old versions of our controllers have access to upgrade now. Pls download from our site and follow the steps to update. Improvements with firmware V2.0 are available below.(sorry,but very old first version with no small separate hole on the back cannot be upgraded with V1.2 and above,but only V1.1. Thanks.)


In particular APG (AutoPilot Gaming)Share function is a big progress on our controllers this time.  This function allows to share your interesting gaming records to your friends now and let them all enjoy with you on Nintendo Switch,Windows,Steam or Android,no matter it is Combo setting,unique skills in Street Fighter,auto egg hatching in Pokemon Sword and Shield,auto gold gathering in Legend of Zelda Swords,auto arrows harming in Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild, or any other AutoPilot Gaming inputs you want to share . 


Debug the issue that controller auto replay occasionally when learning process is just completed. 

Optimize time accuracy of autopilot replay gaming. 

Debug the issue that button fails to play occasionally during autopilot replay gaming. 

Debug power off issue occasionally when repairing the controller on Switch.

Controller auto resets to default and auto deletes customs settings except learning records when power off.

No auto sleep on auto rapid fire mode.

Debug the issue that button acts during customs setting process.

Double recording frequency for better learning performance.

Add "APG (AutoPilot Gaming) Share" function. 

    Share your Learning Records for AutoPilot Gaming to friends now!

    Turn on your controller,press the Gear button and Autopilot button to turn the controller into Read/Write mode,connect controller to PC with a USB datacable, a flashdrive "GuliKit dat" will show up. and you will see a file“Auto.apg”which is the learning records for autopilot gaming. You may copy it and share to your friends,and also you may copy others to replace yours in this drive. 

* Note: controller auto power off after Auto.apg replacement is completed. You may also click the mode button to turn off controller.

            Auto.apg file cannot be edited by manual on PC. Pls record your inputs for Autopilot gaming first and then you may share file“Auto.apg"with others.


Thanks to all our supporters! Stay tuned for more news from us!!  Stay safe and peaceful!!

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