solve some bugs on NS08&NS09 controller in wired mode

A new software  for GuliKit King Kong NS08 and King Kong Pro NS09 controlelrs is released recently to solve the connection bugs in wired mode. This software can be loaded now from our website.

Upgrading instruction is attached with the software,and you may also follow the ways below



Upgrading method:

1.Download the software from GuliKit website.

2.Turn off the controller,use the USB A to USB C cable to connect the controller and your computer.Hold the Set button(Gear button) in the middle and then press the power button(or any button of A/B/X/Y) turn it on. Controller enters into updating mode now.

3..Go to computer,unzip the file and open the software, click the "Update Firmware" icon and complete updating.


Note: Don't unplug the cable during updating. Controller will restart by itself after updating.

GuliKit    Download    solve some bugs on NS08&NS09 controller in wired mode
Date:2019-10-10 10:35