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Latest smart King Kong Pro controller NS09 release

Thanks to the valuable feedbacks of players around the world, we finally have finished updatings and improvements on GuliKit smart King Kong Pro controller NS09. Now we are excited to release the latest version!!


Improvements are made mainly on hardware for higher quality level and much better gaming experience as below.

  • New mold injection on A button to solve stuck issue.

  • New rubber contacts to solve drifting issue and improve for better durability and better gaming experience.

  • New D-pad for better gaming experience.

  • Plated shoulder buttons for more premium level.

  • Plated sticks for higher durability.

  • Strengthened L,R buttons.

  • Add blocking on ZR,ZL buttons to avoid pop-out in dropping.

  • Reduce 1mm height on sticks for easier gaming.

  • Charging light gets off instead of dimming after full charging.

  • New case made of PP plastic for better portability.

  • Smaller and new premium package. 

We appreciate the love and support from all the players and partners. As always GuliKit team is dedicated to creating high level game accessories. 







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