GuliKit Route Air Pro
Slimmest Audio Adapter with Voice Chat for the Nintendo Switch,Switch Lite,PS4 & PC

Slimmest Design

The thinnest Bluetooth wireless audio adapter with only 5mm thick body exclusively for the Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite. 

In-Game Voice Chat

Mini Microphone provides in-game voice chat for games like Fortnite...etc.

Dual Streaming

Support two headphones with wireless HIFI  audio simultaneously and all Bluetooth 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 or 2.1 compatible .

Super Low Latency

Enjoy smooth gaming with no lag supported by Qualcomm aptX Low Latency codec and digital HIFI audio.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch,Switch Lite,PS4,PC

Enjoy wireless audio on Nintendo Switch,Switch Lite, PS4 and PC

Plug and Play

Customized USB C port for easy use, dual buttons for two earphones connection with fast and simple pairing.

Clear audio codec indication by small LEDs.

Visual Interference Free

Hiden buttons and small LEDs at the buttom side provides no any visual interference in gaming.

Battery Free

Powered by Nintendo Switch directly and extremly low power consumption.


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