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Solemn Statement In Regard to Patented Game Functional Protective Case

Solemn statement


To the general customers and consumers,


Since July,2015,Shenzhen GULI Tech Co.,Ltd (“GULI”) has been issued an Utility Model Patent named “A Protective Case with Gaming Function for Digital Products”by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (Patent No.: ZL201520522825. X). After that, the effective Evaluation Report of this patent is also released to GULI. Based on this, GULI owns the complete intellectual property rights of this patent and doesn’t allow any infringements from any companies in China.


Here we state that those gaming functional protective cases which are similar to GuliKit Case are all infringing products on the market. At present, GULI is sparing no effort to carry out the rights protection work. We have obtained active support and strong cooperation from lots of online platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress,Global Sources,Made-In-China in China ...etc and also many of our Chinese and overseas customers to protect our patent. Besides we are supported by Chinese Customs. Our patent and product have been recorded in Chinese Customs system. Exported infringing products shall be confiscated and companies who export these infringing cases shall be penalized by Chinese Customs.


In order to protect your interests as well as our patent, we clearly state that no infringements of our patent are allowed. We advise customers from overseas no longer work with those manufacturers and suppliers who supply the infringing gaming functional protective cases.Your business with them is not protected and full of risk because they provide bad quality and bad service for chasing purely short-term interests, and these infringing products shall be confiscated and destructed by Chinese Customs once exported.


Until now many of the companies who don't respect our intellectual property rights and sell the infringing gaming functional protective cases are punished accordingly. Their infringing products either have been pulled off from the shelves or online shops are been closed. Compensation is adjudicated on them by law court. Some more companies shall be prosecuted by us.


At the same time it’s great for us to see that many companies respect our patent and actively build a mutual beneficial and win-win cooperation with us.


If you are interested in this gaming functional protective case, pls feel free to contact us. You will be guaranteed by us with original high quality gaming functional protective cases,reasonable prices, totally satisfying services and long term win-win partnerships.


P.S. You are kindly reminded that our patent is an Utility Model Patent in China, which is a design and technology patent, not the appearance patent. Therefore those gaming functional protective cases on the markets are affirmed infringing our patent,although there is some small difference.Your respect to our patent is highly appreciated. 

Best regards

Shenzhen GULI Tech Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen,China 2018

              Original GuliKit game case                             VS                              Infringing game case

High Quality PC plastic and Consistent color Recycled low-grade plastic and Uneven color 

Special hard sensitive game buttons feel good   Soft rubber buttons feel terrible,not sensitive and faulty operation

Bottons made by double color injection molds,highly abrasion resistant      Soft rubber buttons with not antiwear printed letters by low quality mold

High quality by ultrasonic assembly technologyPoor quality by ordinary assembly with screws

Smooth case surface and edge Irregular case surface with burs

Perfect port access with no any disturbings   Bad port with bad disturbings 


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